One of the least known aspects of having a cruise ship injury is the location where suit must be filed—if you have to file suit. As cruise ship injuries attorneys in Florida, when we handle cases for our clients, we make all efforts to get them resolved favorably and fairly without filing suit. However, in some cases the cruising companies do not make an offer that is commensurate to the worth of the case. At that point, the claimant has an option to take whatever offer is on the table or file suit. In the instance where suit needs to be filed, your lawyer needs to know where that suit needs to be filed, and in what court.

Choosing the Right Cruise Ship Injury Attorney In Florida

If the cruise ship injuries attorney you are considering does not know automatically where suit would have to be filed in your case—if you had to file suit—then that is a tip off that they probably do not handle cruising personal injury cases. That sounds like a no-brainer that the lawyer would know where suit would be filed; however, if a lawyer you have chosen gets that wrong—because in truth they do not actually handle ocean liner injuries cases—then you may be foreclosed from bringing your claim.

Many of the cases against cruising companies have to be filed in Miami. But not all of them. Even for the cases that do have to be filed in Miami, such as injury cases arising in a Florida cruise, the cruise ship injuries attorney has to know which court — state or federal. The reported cases are full of cases that were not filed in the correct location, or were not filed in the correct court.

Important Things to Know For Your Cruise Ship Injury Case

Another aspect that is not widely publicized or not recognized by some passengers is that when a passenger buys a ticket on a liner they are entering into a contract with that cruising line. However, that ticket is typically filled with pages and pages of small print. If you sustain an injury onboard, some of your rights and responsibilities will be governed by that ticket (i.e. in that contract). One aspect we have already said is that the ticket book governs where you have to file suit. Another aspect is that you typically get a much shorter statute of limitations to file suit than is likely in your home jurisdiction.

There is one other aspect that is buried in the ticket book as well, and this is the injured claimant’s responsibility to provide notice to the cruising company of your injuries—and this notification must come well before you would file suit against them. The cruise ship injuries attorney you choose needs to know the answers to these questions to handle your case correctly.

888BOATLAW’s Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

Did you notice that many auto accident attorneys list that they also do ocean liner injuries and boating cases, in addition to possibly other cases like dog bites, medical malpractice, divorces, criminal law, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.? At our cruise ship injury law firm in Florida, we do not do any of those types of law. Make sure that the cruise ship injuries attorney you choose to represent you on your serious injury case actually does cases against the cruising lines. Visit our section on for questions that any attorney who represents you must know. We know the answers to the questions.

For Non-Florida Residents

What if I live in another state? How does that work? We have represented countless numbers of clients who live out of state, they come to Florida ports, get on a boat, get injured while on their vacation, and then go back home to their original state. One thing to remember is that where you live would not change where you have to bring your claim. If your local auto accident attorney is representing you and is not licensed in the State of Florida, the cruising companies easily know this. They also know that if your lawyer is not licensed in the State of Florida, then they cannot file the claim for you if necessary. We are licensed here in the State of Florida, and Cruise Ship Injuries is what we do.

Go with a cruise ship injuries attorney at a law firm who knows the answers to the questions. With us, there is never a charge for a consultation. Also, there is no charge to handle your case unless we win your case. Call today at 888-262-8529 or visit our office in Florida.

***None of the foregoing is legal advice and is not meant to give legal advice. Each case is different. This is why it is important to contact us on the specific facts of your case. What you say in making the claim can greatly affect your outcome.