Would you trust your surgeon, accountant or attorney who you thought was an expert in his or her field, but who had to copy off someone else’s paper? Wouldn’t you just want to go with the attorney who knows what is going on?

We see that at least the next filed claimant liked our work enough to include much of our work verbatim in their claim. Hmm, wonder what their next move is? Wonder if they know?

Marathon Florida Boat Accident Attorney


We also had a large law firm call us and ask us why we had filed suit for our client in state Court.  Aren’t they supposed to know the answer to that question if they are attorneys representing shuttle-boat fire claimants? You see, in Florida, there are over 102,000 attorneys licensed to practice law. But as few as 100 or so are actually practicing maritime attorneys. Of those 100 attorneys, you can be sure that at least half of them work for insurance companies, cruise lines, and corporations and not for claimants (like we represent.)

Of importance is that many attorneys in Florida say they do “boat law”, “boat crashes”, “cruise ship cases”, etc.   Yes, they say they handle those types of cases. But do they really handle these types of cases, or do they have to copy off of our work? Some even make the foolish statement that they “know the waters” of Tampa Bay or Ft. Myers, Naples or Miami, etc., and that this somehow makes them qualified to handle maritime cases.

Does simply living in one community make someone qualified to handle a maritime case? Of course not, no more than it makes someone a brain surgeon because they live in the community.
Key West Boat Accident Attorney

“Key West, Southernmost Point”

But why would an attorney represent himself or herself as knowing the maritime law when they really don’t? They believe they will be able to muddle their way through the case and stumble into a good result. Is that the type of professional you would want working for you? Can you imagine what the next conference is between the non-maritime attorneys and their clients: “OK, Mr. Attorney, what are we doing next?” “I have to wait and see what Frank Butler’s firm is going to do next, and then I will get back with you.”

Protect yourself. Take our challenge. Google search the name of Frank D. Butler, PA, our maritime law firm, and any major cruise line, and you will see where we have filed suit against every major cruise line for our clients–including recently. Now place the name of the other attorneys plus any major cruise line, and you will see that most have never filed one suit against the cruise industry.

Make a wise choice for your claim and your family. Any attorney can say they practice in maritime law but do you want the law firm who copies off of our papers, or do you want the firm that knows maritime law to work for you.



Best Boat Injury Attorney in FloridaNo, not the Dolphin. Don’t hire an attorney who will just assign a number to your case and then call you one day to inform you that he/she “settled” your case for you. Of course, the big advertiser law firms talk about successful cases, but is that what usually happens or is it something less happy that occurs?

How To Know If You Have Already Hired “Flipper” To Represent You.

  1. You never talk with an attorney.
  2. You usually never get to talk with the paralegal either.
  3. You have no idea what is going on in your case.
  4. It has been a long time since you heard from anyone about your case.
  5. When you do talk with someone they don’t know the facts of your case.
  6. Out of the blue, one day the law firm calls and says you need to settle your case.
  7. Your case has been with law firm a long time with no progress forward on it.

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***None of the foregoing is legal advice and is not meant to give legal advice. Each case is different. This is why it is important to contact us on the specific facts of your case. What you say in making the claim can greatly affect your outcome.