Denial Of Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

Hurricane Claim DenialsNow that Hurricane Irma has struck the State of Florida the insurance companies have sent their workers into the field. If you are viewing this page, you may already be aware that those insurers are not much interested in paying your claim, or in paying it up to the level of your damages.

Hurricane Irma devastated many parts of Florida and left boats, cars, homes, condos, and commercial buildings damaged or complete losses.  Unfortunately, there is a second storm coming, and that second storm is the wave of insurance company denials.


Unfortunately, the days seem to be long gone where insurance companies come to your damaged property, boat, car, etc., and try to determine what is a fair number to pay you for your losses. No, the more typical scenario now appears to be the insurer sending out their minions into the field—and some of those claims handlers are not even employees of the insurer—and they try not to pay anything on your claim, or pay as little as possible.

In many situations the insurance company plays this like a game of: You Make The Claim—They Deny The Claim—Now It’s Your Move Again.

Folks it is your move again. It is your move to make the insurance company pay what is actually owed on your claim. If you do nothing, the insurer will do nothing. Why? Because, they know it’s your move. The insurers know that many claimants will just take the insurance company’s word for the idea that the “the claim isn’t covered”, “the claim isn’t worth what you say”, or “you didn’t do something right”.

Most times the insurance companies will not even have the decency to tell you to your face that they are not paying the claim. Their minion will smile at you and tell you “You should be hearing something in about a week or so”. Then the insurer’s worker makes a recommendation to the insurer to deny the claim, or they severely undercut the cost of your damage. You then get that denial letter or email about a week later and find out: the insurer does not believe they have to pay, or they only want to pay very little.  The letter and the insurance company leave you upside down on your damages. If you are still reading this page, you already are well aware of what I am talking about.

They denied your claim, didn’t they? If they offered to pay anything at all, they offered far less than what you believe the damages are, right? Your premiums were paid up. They didn’t have any problem taking your money.  Now they are telling you “NO”.

It is your move. We fight insurance companies. We fight for families. We are ready to help you now.

***None of the foregoing is legal advice and is not meant to give legal advice. Each case is different. This is why it is important to contact us on the specific facts of your case. What you say in making the claim can greatly affect your outcome.