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Frank Butler is one of Florida’s most experienced maritime injury attorneys. He can help you with representation related to maritime injury and death cases.


  1. If your claim is a maritime claim, the statute of limitations is usually shorter than under most State Court claims.
  2. A vessel owner can file a Limitation action against you to limit your recovery.
  3. U.S. Coast Guard Rules of Road governs the conduct of vessels in “navigable water”.
  4. If you are injured on a vessel, that vessel may also be responsible for your injury.
  5. If you are injured on a vessel that has no insurance, you may be able to sue the vessel.
  6. You should be very careful to choose an attorney who specializes in this law.
  7. There is little safety oversight on JetSki rentals, boat rentals, or parasail companies.
  8. If you are injured within a fully enclosed lake, your claim may not be maritime in nature but you need to know what it is.
  9. In maritime law the owner of a vessel is responsible for the safe entry and exit of passengers.
  10. Maritime law places many duties on a captain of a vessel for the safety of his passengers.
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When you need an experienced boating accident attorney with more than twenty years of experience handling boating accident cases, Jet Skis and boating collisions, call us at 888-Boat-Law (888-262-8529) to represent you. There is never any charge to discuss your case. You should pursue your case quickly! We will want to obtain any video, photographs, and witness identities. Also it is important that we get the vessels involved examined before they are repaired or destroyed. This is your case. Pursue it quickly!

Here are 5 questions you can ask to help your decision.

  1. Ask the potential attorney how many total cases they are handling right now.
  2. Ask how long they have been practicing law.
  3. Ask how long they have been with that particular law firm.
  4. Ask how many cases they have filed suit on in the last 12 months.
  5. Ask how many trials they have conducted in the last 12 months, 24 months.

Many high-volume firms go through attorneys who will come and go quickly to another law firm. Many times law firms are hiring attorneys with only a couple of years’ experience and then loading them down with heavy caseloads. Another hallmark of high-volume firms is that they don’t want to file suit for you—and this is because it is time-consuming. Therefore, some of the high-volume firms will not file suit, will not go to trial for you, but will simply take whatever the insurance company will throw them on your case. In short, they “Flip” your case, and go on to the next case without regard to whether you are obtaining a fair result. Don’t Hire Flipper As Your Lawyer.



  1. We will call you by your name.
  2. We will not assign a number to your case.
  3. We will timely call you back.
  4. We will keep you informed on what’s going on in your case.
  5. We will not resolve your case without your authorization.
  6. We will fight for the best result in your case.
  7. We will not just flip your case to be able to get to the next case.
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In 25 years of handling boating injury cases, JetSki crashes, and cruise ship injuries we see that many of these boating injury cases occur on the weekends and holidays. This is the same time that most attorneys are closed. We are open on weekends and holidays and ready to represent you on your boating injuries case. Yes, this includes on weekends and holidays; you can talk with an attorney about your boating accident, JetSki case, or cruise ship case today. 

It is important that you contact a boat injuries attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Why? Because vital information will be lost if not pursued immediately. This includes GPS data, and other electronic data on a vessel.  It includes cell phone data, witness names, photos, etc. 

It is also very important that you not just contact a dogbite or auto accident attorney. They do not handle boating injury cases or JetSki crashes on a regular basis—if at all. The laws that apply to your case are not the same as those that apply to auto cases. 

Don’t wait to get an experienced boat injuries attorney working for you RIGHT NOW.