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FRANK D. BUTLER is an attorney in the State of Florida for the past 22 years and is licensed in every Court in Florida, including all state and federal courts. Frank is an avid outdoor enthusiast and represents people injured in boating accidents and cruise ship injuries. You should be careful to hire an attorney who knows the issues specific to cruise ship cases and boating accidents.

I grew up in Florida and have been around the boating and marine industry my entire life. I have filed suit against all of the cruiselines that operate in Florida and have successfully handled boating cases throughout Florida. It’s what we do. Maritime law is very complex and you need to make sure that the attorney you choose has experience in handling these types of cases.

Many attorneys advertise for boating injury and cruise ship cases. See our “Very Important Information” under the Cruise Ship button and our “10 Things You Need To Know” under the Boating Accidents button. If the attorney you are considering cannot answer these questions, you should consider whether they actually handle these types of cases.
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Why would an attorney just advertise for boating or cruise cases if they do not handle them? First, an attorney can refer your case to a maritime attorney and collect a referral fee. Second, an attorney can try to handle your boating or cruise ship claim even if they have never handled one at all. At our law firm we do not handle real estate law, bankruptcy, divorces, contracts, criminal law, probate, tax matters, medical malpractice, etc.

Your consultation with us is at absolutely no charge to you. There are no fees and no costs to you unless we win your case. See our Cruise Ship button and Boating Accidents button for very important information you should know regarding your claim. Maritime law imposes shorter statutes of limitation than most state courts.


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