What is 888-BOAT-LAW? Your Boating Accidents Attorney!
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888-Boat-Law and What You Need To Know

What is 888-BOAT-LAW? Is that a real law firm? Is it one of those firms from California or New York?

  1. It is a real law firm.
  2. It has real maritime and boating accidents attorneys.
  3. It is right here in Florida. We service Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and more!

888-BOAT-LAW is a toll-free number that we have owned for close to 20 years of practice now. The phone number, like our website, 888BOATLAW.com simply says what we do. It is easy to remember. As a boating accidents attorney, we handle boat law and boating injury cases in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, and throughout all of Florida, including the Panhandle and all the way down into the Florida Keys to Key West.

CAUTION: Before you choose a boating accidents attorney to represent you on your serious boating injury claim, Jet Ski accident case, or cruise ship accident case, make sure the attorney you are talking to actually handles these cases.

A Boating Accidents Attorney — Helping You Out of Troubled Waters

We have listed on the 888BOATLAW.com website certain questions that the boating accidents attorney who is going to handle your boating injury claim, Jet Ski accident, or cruise ship injury claim must know. But maybe another lawyer tells you he has been practicing for a long time and “knows the waters” in St. Petersburg where the injury occurred. Well, then it should be no problem for that lawyer to answer those questions found in our section “10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW” and “VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.” Ask the attorney you are considering to answer those questions. If they cannot answer every one of those questions, then you need to consider whether they really know this area of law.

Call 888-BOAT-LAW Today for Help in St. Petersburg

We are more than willing to talk with you, intelligently, at no charge to discuss your boating injury claim, Jet Ski injury claim, or cruise ship injury claim in St. Petersburg. With us, you will get straightforward answers to straightforward questions. We will not evade or dodge the questions because we do not need to do so. This is the section of law we practice, and we know it well. We don’t do bankruptcies, foreclosures, criminal defense, divorce, animal law, wills, trusts, etc.  We are not trying to be everything to everybody. Many lawyers say they know how to handle these types of cases, but do they? Or are they just going to take the case and then refer it out for a referral fee? Do they know where to file your claim? We do.

Contact us or call 888-BOAT-LAW when you need a boating accidents attorney in St. Petersburg. We’re here to make a difference.

By : Butler Boating Accident & Injury Lawyer | June 23, 2017 | Boating Accidents