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We will say it. Skip the pretenders. Hire the law firm for your case that specializes in cruise ship injury cases and boating injury cases. Right now. Hire the law firm for you that has concentrated on these cases for more than 25 years.  What’s that feeling when you pay for something, and then you find out you did not get what you believed you were paying for? It feels like a shell game, doesn’t it? It is the same way when you are trying to find an attorney to help you with your boating accident injury case or cruise ship injury case. We are a real maritime law firm that handles your type of case every single day. Not just occasionally.  

But if you search online for “boating accidents attorney” you will find page-after-page of lawyers in Florida who say they can handle your case. Yes, easily said. Do not be fooled. This is your case, you have to get this right. You want to have the best team of qualified boating accidents attorneys to represent you in your case. But, when every lawyer’s web page says they handle boating injury cases and cruise ship injury cases, how can you know whether you are making the right choice or not with us? There are a couple of sure ways.

No Shell Game. We Are In The Public Record.

First, it is a matter of public record. When a lawyer files suit for a cruise ship or boating accident client — whether in Florida state court or federal court — that lawsuit is a matter of public record. Anyone can look up the case. What is less known is that anyone can also look up and see if a lawyer has actually been filing suit against the cruise lines or just talking about it. If you Google “Frank D. Butler,” our lead boating accidents attorney, and add in “Royal Caribbean”, you will see many cases pop up which our law firm has filed against Royal Caribbean. If you do the same Google-search with “Carnival Cruise” and “Frank D. Butler,” you will see many cases we have filed against Carnival Cruise Lines. If you look directly into the dockets of federal and state courts in Florida, you will find even more cases than on Google.

Second, now do the same Google search with any other attorney you might think about representing you in your own cruise ship or boat injury case. When you type in “[John Doe] attorney and Carnival Cruise Lines”, do any cases come up under the lawyer’s name? See, it is easy for attorneys to advertise and say that they will handle your cruise ship injury case or boat injury case. Anyone can say they handle boating injury cases, but do they have the statistics to show it. 

Boating Accident Cases In Florida ≠ Car Accident Cases

Exactly. Boating accident cases are not car accident cases. The law is different, and substantially so. But, nearly every lawyer who handles car crashes and dog bite cases wants your boating crash case or cruise ship injury case. The question is whether the lawyer who advertises for every type of injury case has he/she ever handled a boat injury case or cruise ship case. Have they ever filed suit against one cruise line? Don’t take a chance. 

The Experienced Boat Injury Attorneys In Florida At 888-BOAT-LAW (Frank D. Butler, P.A.) Work Hard For You.

At our experienced maritime law firm, our boating accident attorneys will do their best to get your case resolved so that suit does not have to be filed in your case. Be confident, we do not file suit for you unless you tell us to do so. NOTE: For cruise ship injury cases in general the statute of limitations is one year (talk with us about yours), so it is important that you act quickly and pursue your claim or it will be lost. If suit needs to be filed for you, have confidence that we have been there many times. The good news for you is that we actually do file suit in cruise ship injury and boat crash cases. We know where to file suit if it is needed, and we push the case forward to expeditiously conclude your case. There is a reason we have a successful track record with these cases— Cruise Ship injury cases are what we do. Boat injury cases are what we do. 

Talk Right Now With A Boating Accidents Attorney About Your Case At 888-BOAT-LAW.

Here is some additional inside insight:  Why would non-maritime lawyers promote the idea that they handled cruiseship cases when they actually have not? Because, they can sign up your case and then refer it out to boating accident attorneys—like our law firm. The referring attorney can then wait for a referral fee to come in from us on their referred-out case. Is that who you want to represent you?  Check them out. Check us out. We are proud to put our name up to a search.


If you have a heart problem, would you go to a foot doctor. Who would? No One. Then why would anyone go to a dog-bite or car accident attorney to handle their boating crash injury case or cruise ship case? That would make as much sense as going to the foot doctor for a heart issue.

Don’t be fooled, many of the dog-bite and auto accident attorneys will take in your boating crash case. They will pretend that they know the unique laws that apply to boating crash cases. Do you really want the dog-bite attorney to give your boat crash case a whirl and see how it goes? It is important you choose the right law firm, choose the specialists, to handle your boat injury case.  When you read other websites, those attorneys may list 10 or 20 other areas they say they practice. (dog-bites, fall downs, criminal law, wills, divorces, etc.) They are specialists in all of them? Foot doctors don’t pretend that they know how to do heart surgeries. At 888-BOAT-LAW, cruise ship injuries and boat crashes ARE exactly what we do. 

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